Down to Earth News

Down to Earth Labs took a big step forward in 2010 when it was purchased from the previous owners.  The name change became official in 2012 as Down to Earth Labs Inc to indicate the unique culture of the lab and the importance of soil testing.  

Agriculture has always been a strong part of Western Canada and will continue to be a big part for years to come.  As many of our employees have ties to agriculture we have a passion for the work that we do.  As such, Down to Earth Labs is well positioned with an agricultural focus and people that care deeply about the work that they do.

Part of our down to earth culture is the belief that results should be easy to read and understand.  We have developed custom reports to make results easy to use and can work with you for custom reports if you need them.

We strongly believe in a culture of continuous improvement and have been constantly growing since 2010.  We invite you to grow with us.